Mobile Development

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iOS development involves creating mobile applications for Apple's iOS platform, which powers the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. CodeLand uses Flutter, and have skilled developers focusing on design and user experience. It's a crucial area of focus for creating high-quality mobile apps for iOS users. This is one of the reasons why most of our mobile apps are also available on Apple App Store

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Android development is the process of creating mobile applications for devices that run on the Android operating system. Codeland's developers have the best understanding of mobile app design, user experience, and software development principles, as well as a familiarity with the Android platform and its various APIs and frameworks. All our mobile applications are hence available on the Android Play Store

Block Chain and Web

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Blockchain is a decentralized, digital ledger technology that enables secure, transparent and tamper-proof storage and transfer of information and value. CodeLand helps partners and customers add value to their clients by using blockchain, to gaurantee the security of data and to generate trust on data without the need for third party.

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Web 3.0

Web 3.0, also known as the Semantic Web, is the next generation of the World Wide Web, focused on enabling machines to understand and interpret the meaning of information on the internet. It is a vision of a more intelligent and connected web, where information is organized in a way that is more easily accessible and understandable to humans and machines alike.  e1682072083454

CodeLand uses Python programming language, the Odoo framework, and various development tools to build new modules, modify existing ones, and integrate third-party applications into the Odoo system. CodeLand developers have a great understanding of the Odoo platform , as well as expertise in Python programming and related technologies.


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Google Cloud

Google Cloud is a cloud computing platform provided by Google that offers a range of services including computing power, storage, networking, big data, and machine learning. Google Cloud provides a range of tools and services that enable CodeLand developers to build and deploy applications quickly and securely.

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AWS (Amazon Web Services) is a cloud computing platform provided by Amazon that offers a wide range of services, including computing power, storage, and databases, as well as tools for application development, machine learning, and data analytics. CodeLand uses AWS services for hosting solutions for various customers

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Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing platform provided by Microsoft that offers a range of services, including computing power, storage, networking, databases, and machine learning. Azure enables CodeLand to build, deploy, and manage applications and services on a global network of Microsoft-managed data centers.

Big Data and Data Analytics

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CodeLand has mastered the art of search. We have incorporated SOLR, an Open source search engine to make our products that can literally search through data to showcase accurate MIS Reports

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Terabytes of unstructured data?
We at CodeLand use Cassandra, an OpenSource NoSQL database to make sense of your data.

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CodeLand uses MongoDB, a highly scalable and flexible option for storing and managing large amounts of unstructured data. It is designed to provide high performance, high availability, and automatic scaling to support modern, data-driven applications.

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Power BI

Power BI allows CodeLand to connect to various data sources, transform and clean the data, and create interactive and visually appealing dashboards, reports, and charts. This in-turn helps out customers make data-driven decisions.

What we do


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