• Establish a barcoding system for BMW bags / container

  • Maintain & update the count & weight of BMW Bags on daily basis

  • Compile & display the waste management annual report on the website

  • Store the record for minimum of 5 years

  • Provide training to all its health care workers and others, involved in handling of bio medical waste

  • Report major accidents including accidents caused by fire hazards, blasts during handling of biomedical waste
  • THE BMW RULES OF 2016 <span class="f_700">MANDATES HOSPITALS</span> TO
    Hospital barcoding

    Guidelines for Barcoding System for Effective Management of waste states:

    In case of Health Care Facilities (HCFs) having 30 or more no. of beds shall have to procure their own digital weighing machine and bar code scanner (scanning equipment or app based mobile scanner). The weighing machine and scanner unit shall have wired or wireless connection and the data pertaining to the weight of the scanned bags should get transferred automatically.

    How can we make you Compliant?

    Introducing “Collection Automation and Barcoding Solution” for Healthcare Establishments

    A system which aids in the engineering functions such as collection, transportation & disposal of the biomedical waste Biomedical waste using barcodes with the aid of Smartphone & Weighing scale.

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    How does it work?


    Cloud Based

    Hosted in secure cloud servers for easy access

    easy to use

    Easy to Use

    Built with the end users in mind


    Bluetooth Connectivity

    For Auto capture of Weight

    data report

    Interactive Dashboard

    Generation Analytics in your fingertips

    data report (1)

    Multiple Reports

    As per BMW and NABH Regulations

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