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Many people imagine...
Some ideate...
But, few have the dedication to pursue their imagination into reality…... We DO!!!

We are a team of technology experts and process consultants in Waste Management, Healthcare, Recycling, Business Automation and Enterprise Resource Planning. We are a highly collaborative and supportive team, coming together on every single project to ensure our clients get the very best out of each of us. Making a difference counts and it’s at the forefront of our minds on every proposal we undertake.

Our imagination gave birth to revolutionary concepts, which have today been channelized into unique products aimed at consumers and enterprises.

Group 47258


Growing Strong Since 2011

CodeLand InfoSolutions was formed in 2011 by like-minded individuals with the passion and determination to transform their imagination into reality.  We are located in India’s IT capital, Bangalore.

With the drive to continue its success as a product company, CodeLand aims to become one of the leading product companies in the software industry, by pursuing the path of imagination, ideation, execution and creation. 

The future is full of exciting possibilities with products powered by CodeLand.


Our Story so far.....

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