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Publishing Industry

State of art platform to manage, publish, promote and deliver your content

To be in the race, publishing firms need to adapt, they need to innovate, they need to find out better ways to deliver their content to plethora of devices available.

Consumers are demanding innovative and futuristic approaches from publishing firms and these firms will need to move from viewing technology as an enabler to viewing technology as a driver.

Technology becomes essential with any scale and with the increasing number of channels, publishing firms are required to manage & streamline interpret data & insights, provide relevant content, protect their content and deliver it to consumers.

CodeLand’s publishing industry module provides you complete integrated technology solutions to assist your quest for technology to become a major business driver

Content Delivery

Deliver your content to your readers on any platform i.e. mobile, tab, desktop etc. Use the ingenious technology of digital library for your content when your readers want to preview the content before buying it.

Content consumers want newer ways of accessing content. We have it covered!

Web Portal

Get your own web portal for marketing and promoting your content to your readers. Amaze your users by using features like content recommendation engine, full text search, content delivery on any platform, digital content shelf etc.

Get detailted analytics on what content type is read most, on which chapters users spend most of their time etc.

Content Security

Encryption of all content being delivered and serving through our proprietary ‘Reading App’ which works on multi platforms.
After the expiration of reading time the borrowed content will be automatically deleted from the reading app. Also, a user can’t take a screenshot or copy the content directly from the reading app.

Some of the features of the security that we incorporate on your content

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