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Municipal Waste Management

RFID and GPS based stated of art platform for managing operations

  • Greater operational efficiency and transparency
  • Overall increase in revenue and profits
  • Access to insightful analytics & MIS reports for informed decision making
  • Efficient expenditure and elimination of unnecessary expenses
  • Real-time view of your operations

Globally, in most cities especially in developing countries solid waste management has became a challenge.It is a  silent problem that is growing daily.Wastes arising from human and animal activities, also known as Municipal waste, inevitably places an enormous strain on natural resources and seriously undermines efficient and sustainable development, hence overall Proper solid-waste collection is important for the protection of public health, safety, and environmental quality.

The composition of municipal solid waste varies greatly from municipality to municipality globally, and changes significantly with time & the functional element of collection includes not only the collection of solid waste and recyclable materials, but also involves transportation of these materials, after collection, to the location where the solid waste is emptied. This location may be a materials processing facility, a transfer station or a landfill disposal site.

The whole process is a labour-intensive, activity & requires tedious manual work for the most of the industry private players & Municipal corporations. The major problem lies in manually selecting the optimal bin collection route which is a complex problem, especially for large and densely populated cities.

An optimal route is one that results in the most efficient use of labour and equipment, and selecting such a route requires the application of computer analyses that account for all the many design variables in a large and complex network.

Codeland’s Municipal and Solid waste management System uses a combination of GPS and RFID to enable solid waste management organization, to optimize their BIN collection efforts, leading to increased revenues. It will also showcase a “proof of service” by verifying and validating to their clients. “Wealth from Waste” is not just a ‘feel-good’ phrase for you, if you are involved in the solid waste management business; ‘Waste’ is your business and your aim is to create ‘Wealth’ from it. CodeLand helps you to create “wealth from waste” in the true sense of the phrase


Supervisor Management

Manage and assign bin to supervisors


Strategic locations for automated trip calculation and marking point of interest on maps


Set up automated alerts in the system for various scenarios and to get notified instantly

BIN Manager

Bin locations & garbage collection point

MIS Reports

From Bin collected to workforce productivity. We have it all


Optimize the routes for better collection and efficiency in terms of operations and cost savings

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