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Biomedical Waste Management System

Be compliant with the latest biomedical waste rules – 2016
  • Robust SaaS based software, to reduce your overall cost and to make system affordable
  • Mobile based architecture, for extensible solution
  • Fast and easy report management with downloadable excel reports
  • Overall a low cost system

28 Plants

250+ Hospitals

Biomedical Waste Management System


As per the recent biomedical waste management rules notification dated 28th March, 2016, it has been mandated by the Ministry of environment, forest and climate change to deploy and use barcoding process for management of Biomedical waste and to implement these rules more effectively and to improve the collection, segregation, processing, treatment and disposal of these Biomedical wastes in an environmentally sound management, thereby, reducing the Biomedical waste generation and its impact on the environment.

The latest biomedical waste management Rules 2016, mandates hospitals and CBMWTF (operators) to  be compliant with above rules

Operators (Plants) and Hospitals across India use our biomedical waste management system to be compliant

For Hospitals

The system is built as per the BMW rules guidelines. Usage of the system will allow hospitals to be ready as per the guidelines

For Operators

Operators can use the system for being compliant as well as manage their entire operations effectively

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