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Mobility & Automation
Changing the business operation dynamics!

Bio Medical Waste Management

  • SaaS based platform for BMW companies
  • Be compliant with latest biomedical waste management rules

Municipal Waste Management

  • Optimize your collection and resources effectively
  • Empower your operations with better decision making
Information Security
Secure yourself, in the new digital age!

Publishing Industry

We have built a state of the art platform for publishing industry with security and DRM as a forefront

Secure Document Delivery

Send your confidential documents without any worries within or outside your organisations
Artificial Intelligence
Transform digital assets to provide and communicate insights!

Health Care

Access an easy to use centralized hospital information system that helps you to manage your internal opertaions
Other Industries
We are diversifying into various industries rapidly


CodeLand’s Fleet Management system helps fleet owners to manage and track their fleet